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Template Management

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Opens the Template Management dialog where you can organize templates and define default templates.

Choose File - Templates - Organize

Left and Right Selection List (Templates / Documents)

Displays the available template categories or opened LibreOffice files. To change the contents of the list, select Templates or Documents in the box below.

Note.png To change the default template path, choose Tools - Options - LibreOffice - Paths.

Select Templates or Documents to change the contents that are displayed in the list above.

Template categories are represented by folder icons. To view the template files for a category, double-click a folder.

To view the styles that are used in a file, double-click the file name, and then double-click the Styles icon.

To copy a style, hold down Ctrl and drag the style from one file to another file. To move a style, drag the style from one file to another file.


Contains commands for managing and editing your templates and documents.

Depending on the type of file you select in the list, the following commands are available:


Creates a new template category.


Deletes the current selection.


Opens the selected template for editing.

Import Templates

Imports an additional template. To import a template, select a template folder in the list, click the Command button, and then select Import template.

Export Template

Exports the selected template.


Prints the name and properties of the styles that are used in the file.

Printer Setup

Changes the printer and its settings for the selected document.


Updates the contents of the lists.

Set As Default Template

Uses the selected template as the default template when you create a new LibreOffice document of the same type.

Reset Default Template

Select a LibreOffice document type to reset the default template to the original template.

Address Book

Edit the field assignments and the data source for the address book.


Locate a file that you want to add to the document list, and then click Open.

When in Writer: ----

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