Inserting, Editing, and Linking Frames

A frame is a container for text and graphics that you can place anywhere on a page. You can also use a frame to apply a column layout to text.

To Insert a Frame

  1. 選取您要包括在外框中的文字。

  2. 選擇 [插入] - [外框],然後按一下 [確定]。

To Edit a Frame


Any Writer frame can be set to a mode which allows viewing the text on screen, but hides the text from printing.

  1. Select the frame (you see the eight handles).

  2. Choose Format - Frame and Object - Properties - Options.

  3. 在[屬性]區塊中,取消標記[列印]核取方塊,並按一下[確定]。

To Link Frames

You can link Writer frames so that their contents automatically flow from one frame to another.

  1. 按一下您所要連結外框的邊緣。選擇控點會出現在外框的邊緣上。

  2. On the Frame Bar, click the Link Frames iconIcon.

  3. 按一下您要連結至的外框。





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