Adding Chapter Numbers to Captions


確保文件中的文字按章節組織,且章標題和節標題 (如果需要) 使用其中一種預先定義的標頭段落樣式。您也必須將編號選項指定給這些標頭段落樣式。

  1. 選取您要加入標籤的項目。

  2. 選擇「插入」-「標籤」

  3. Select a caption title from the Category box, and select a numbering scheme in the Numbering box.
    You also can enter a caption text in this dialog. If you want, enter text in the Caption box.

  4. 按一下[選項]

  5. In the Level box, select the number of heading levels to include in the chapter number.

  6. Type the character that you want to separate the chapter number(s) from the caption number in the Separator box, and then click OK.

  7. [標籤]對話方塊中,按一下[確定]


LibreOffice can automatically add a caption when you insert an object, graphic, or table. Choose - LibreOffice Writer - AutoCaption.

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