Manage Styles

Use the Styles deck of the Sidebar to apply, create, edit, and remove formatting styles. Double-click an entry to apply the style.


To dock the Styles window, drag its title bar to the left or to the right side of the workspace. To undock the window, double-click a free space on its toolbar.

By default, the Styles deck displays a preview of the available styles. The previews can be disabled by unchecking the Show Previews box below the list of styles.


Icon Paragraph Styles


Displays formatting styles for paragraphs. Use paragraph styles to apply the same formatting, such as font, numbering, and layout to the paragraphs in your document.

Icon Character Styles


顯示用於字元的格式樣式。 使用字元樣式對段落中所選文字套用字型樣式。

Icon Frame Styles


顯示用於外框的格式樣式。 使用外框樣式格式化外框版面配置和位置。

Icon Page Styles


顯示用於頁面的格式樣式。 使用頁面樣式決定頁面版面配置,包括頁首和頁尾的外觀。

Icon List Styles


顯示用於已編號清單和項目符號清單的格式樣式。 使用清單樣式來格式化號碼字元與項目符號字元及指定縮排。

Icon Table Styles

Table Styles

Displays formatting styles for tables. Use table styles to apply borders, backgrounds, fonts, alignment, and number formats to tables.

Icon Fill Format Mode

Fill Format Mode

Applies the selected style to the object or text that you select in the document. Click this icon, and then drag a selection in the document to apply the style. To exit this mode, click the icon again, or press Esc.

Icon New Style from Selection

Style actions menu


New Style from Selection


Update Selected Style

The manually formatted attributes of the text at the cursor position in the document will be added to the style that is selected in the Styles window.

Load Styles from Template

Opens the Load Styles from Template dialog to import styles from another document.

How to apply a Character style to a selected text

  1. Select the text.

  2. Double-click the desired character style in the Styles window.

How to apply a Paragraph style

  1. Place the cursor in the paragraph, or select multiple paragraphs.

  2. Double-click the desired paragraph style in the Styles window.


You can assign shortcut keys to Styles from the Tools - Customize - Keyboard tab. Some shortcuts are predefined. (zero) applies the Body Text paragraph style. Heading 1 through Heading 5 paragraph styles can be applied by using the key and the heading number. For example applies the Heading 2 paragraph style.


The Formatting (Styles) toolbar contains icons for applying and modifying styles.

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