Insert or Edit Index Entry

Marks the selected text as index or table of contents entry or edits the selected index entry.



選擇 [插入] - [目錄與索引] - [索引條目…]

開啟 [插入] 工具列,按一下

Icon Insert Index Entry

Insert Index Entry


Place the cursor in front of the index field, then choose Edit - Reference - Index Entry...

or right-click to open context menu - choose Edit Index Entry

You can leave the Insert Index Entry and Edit Index Entry dialogs open while you select and insert or edit entries.

Index entry dialog


Select the index that you want to add the entry to.

When editing an index entry, displays the type of index that the selected entry belongs to. You cannot change the index type of an index entry in this dialog. Instead, you must delete the index entry from the document, and then insert it again in a different index type.



New User-defined Index Icon

New User-defined Index





Or, edit the index entry if necessary. When you modify the index entry, the new text only appears in the index, and not at the index entry anchor in the document. For example, you can enter an index with comments such as "Basics, see also General".

Update entry from selection

Click the icon to update Entry with the current text selection in the document.

Update Entry from Selection Icon

Update Entry from Selection


使目前的選擇成為您在此處所輸入字詞的子項目。例如,如果您選取「cold」並輸入「weather」作為第一關鍵字,則索引項目為「weather, cold」。


使目前的選擇成為第一關鍵字的二級子項目。例如,如果您選取「cold」,並輸入「weather」作為第一關鍵字,「winter」作為第二關鍵字,則索引項目為「weather, winter, cold」。




使所選文字成為索引目錄中的主條目。 LibreOffice 顯示主項目的頁碼的方式不同於其他項目。

Index level

Specify the index level for the inserted index entry.



For Selected Entry

The following three options are available when a text selection is loaded in Entry, either by selecting the text in the document and then opening the dialog, or by using Update entry from selection in the dialog.

Apply to all other occurrences

Automatically marks all other occurrences of the selected text in the document. For a modified entry, the match is conducted on the original selection, but the modified entry is inserted as the index entry. Text in headers, footers, and frames is not included.


Searches for whole words or cells that are identical to the search text.


Matches the exact character provided in the Find box without considering any alternative case matches.


若要含括索引中某一文字段的所有出現,請選取該文字,選擇[編輯] - [搜尋和代替],然後按一下[搜尋全部]。然後選擇[插入] - [索引與表格] - [條目],並按一下[插入]


Marks an index entry in your text.


Closes the dialog.


Deletes the selected entry from the index. The entry text in the document is not deleted.


The following navigation buttons are only available in the Edit Index Entry dialog.

Previous entry (same name)

Jumps to the previous index entry with the same entry and type as the current index entry.

Previous entry (same name) Icon

Previous entry (same name)

Next entry (same name)

Jumps to the next index entry with the same entry and type as the current index entry.

Next entry (same name) Icon

Next entry (same name)

Previous entry

Jumps to the previous index entry of the same type in the document.

Previous Entry Icon

Previous entry

Next entry

Jumps to the next index entry of the same type in the document.

Next Entry Icon

Next entry


You can jump quickly to index entries with the Navigation Bar.

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