Specifies the support options for Java applications in LibreOffice, including which Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to use. It also specifies whether to use experimental (unstable) features such as macro recording and access expert configuration.


Choose - LibreOffice - Advanced.

Options Advanced Dialog Image


Some options cannot be reset once edited. Either edit back the changes manually or click Cancel and reopen the Options dialog.

Java 選項


The current list of LibreOffice modules and resources that depends on Java is available in the wiki.

使用 Java 運行時間環境

可讓您在 LibreOffice 中執行 Java 應用程式。當 Java 應用程式嘗試存取您的硬碟時,會出現一則提示。

已安裝 Java 運行時間環境 (JRE):

選取要使用的 JRE。在部分系統上,您必須等候片刻,才會填入清單。在部分系統上,必須重新啟動 LibreOffice,才可使用變更的設定。JRE 路徑顯示在清單方塊下。

You can override the default JRE of the operating system with one of the following alternatives:


增加路徑到電腦上的 JRE 根資料夾中。 此路徑如下列對話方塊所設。


開啟[Java 啟動參數] 對話方塊。


開啟[類別路徑] 對話方塊。

Optional Features

Enable experimental features

Enables features that are not yet complete or may contain known bugs. The list of these features is different version by version, or even it can be empty.

Enable macro recording

Enables macro recording. The Tools - Macros - Record Macro menu item is available.

Expert Configuration

Opens the Expert Configuration dialog for advanced settings and configuration of LibreOffice.

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