Specifies view options.


Choose - LibreOffice - View.

Options View Dialog Image

Icon Theme

Specifies the icon style for icons in toolbars and dialogs.

Icon Size


Specifies the display size of toolbar icons.


Specifies the display size of notebook bar icons.


Specifies the display size of sidebar icons.


Menu icons

Displays icons next to the corresponding menu items. Select from "Automatic", "Hide" and "Show". "Automatic" displays icons according to system settings and themes.


Displays shortcut keys next to corresponding menu items. Select from "Automatic", "Hide", and "Show". "Automatic" displays shortcut keys according to system settings.



Specifies if and how the mouse pointer will be positioned in newly opened dialogs.

Middle button

Defines the function of the middle mouse button.

  1. Automatic scrolling - dragging while pressing the middle mouse button shifts the view.

  2. Paste clipboard - pressing the middle mouse button inserts the contents of the "Selection clipboard" at the cursor position.

The "Selection clipboard" is independent of the normal clipboard that you use by Edit - Copy/Cut /Insert or the respective keyboard shortcuts. Clipboard and "Selection clipboard" can contain different contents at the same time.


Selection clipboard

Copy content

Edit - Copy +C.

Select text, table, object.

Paste content

Edit - Paste +V pastes at the cursor position.

Clicking the middle mouse button pastes at the mouse pointer position.

Pasting into another document

No effect on the clipboard contents.

The last marked selection is the content of the selection clipboard.


Press Shift++R to restore or refresh the view of the current document.

Graphics Output


直接存取圖形顯示配接卡的硬體功能,可改善螢幕顯示的效果。不是所有 LibreOffice 的作業系統及平台發行產品皆可支援硬體加速。


您可以啟用與停用圖形的邊緣圓滑設定 (若支援此功能)。啟用邊緣圓滑設定後,大部分的圖形物件看起來會較為平滑,而較少人工痕跡。

Font Lists

Show preview of fonts

Displays the names of selectable fonts in the corresponding font, for example, fonts in the Font box on the Formatting bar.


Select to smooth the screen appearance of text.


Enter the smallest font size to apply antialiasing to.

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