Audio or Video



Choose Insert - Media - Audio or Video.

Choose Insert - Audio or Video.


  1. 按一下要插入檔案的位置。

  2. Choose Insert - Media - Audio or Video. For LibreOffice Impress, choose Insert - Audio or Video.

  3. In the File Open dialog, select the file that you want to insert.



  4. Click the Link box if you want a link to the original file. If it is not checked, the media file will be embedded (not supported with all file formats).

  5. 按一下 [開啟舊檔]

Alternatively, you can choose Tools - Media Player to open the Media Player. Use the Media Player to preview all supported media files. Click the Apply button in the Media Player window to insert the current media file into your document.


  1. 按一下文件中電影或聲音檔的物件圖示。

    If the icon is arranged on the background, hold down while you click.

    會顯示 [媒體播放機] 工具列。

  2. 按一下 [媒體播放] 工具列上的 [播放]


展示 Impress 簡報時,會自動播放目前投影片之內嵌聲音或影片直到其結束或是離開該投影片為止。

You can also use the Media Playback bar to pause, to stop, to loop, as well as to adjust the volume or to mute the playback of the file. The current playback position in the file is indicated on the left slider. Use the right slider to adjust the playback volume. For movie files, the bar also contains a list box where you can select the zoom factor for the playback.

Supported media formats

LibreOffice relies on the operating system's installed media support.

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