Defining Background Colors or Background Graphics

您可以在 LibreOffice Calc 中,針對儲存格範圍定義背景顏色或使用圖形做為背景。

將背景顏色套用到 LibreOffice Calc 試算表

  1. 選取儲存格。

  2. 選擇 [格式] - [儲存格] (或從右鍵功能表選擇 [格式化儲存格])。

  3. [背景] 標籤頁上,選取背景顏色。


  1. 選擇 [插入] - [圖形] - [從檔案]

  2. 選取圖形,然後按一下 [開啟]

    The graphic is inserted anchored to the current cell. You can move and scale the graphic as you want. In your context menu you can use the Arrange - To Background command to place this in the background. To select a graphic that has been placed in the background, use the Navigator.

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