Protecting Sheet

Protects the cells in the current sheet from being modified.

Choose Tools - Protect Sheet to open the Protect Sheet dialog in which you then specify sheet protection with or without a password, and select the elements of the sheet to protect.


Choose Tools - Protect Sheet.

Choose Edit - Cell Protection to activate sheet protection with current cell protection settings.


若要保護儲存格不被編輯,必須核取 [格式] - [儲存格] - [儲存格保護] 標籤頁或 [儲存格格式化] 右鍵功能表上的 [受保護] 核取方塊。

Protect this sheet and contents of the protected cells

Mark this checkbox to activate protection of sheet and cell contents.

Password / Confirm

Allows you to enter a password to protect the sheet from unauthorized changes. Confirm the password entered in the first box.

Allow users of this sheet to

Select the elements to protect from user actions:

Unprotected cells or cell ranges can be set up on a protected sheet by using the Tools - Protect Sheet and Format - Cells - Cell Protection menus:

  1. 選取將要取消保護的儲存格

  2. 選取[格式] - [儲存格] -[儲存格保護]。取消標記[受保護]方塊,並按一下[確定]

  3. On the Tools - Protect Sheet menu, activate protection for the sheet. Effective immediately, only the cell range you selected in step 1 can be edited.

To later change an unprotected area to a protected area:

  1. Select the range of cells that will be protected.

  2. On the Format - Cells - Cell Protection tab page, check the Protected box.

  3. Choose the Tools - Protect Sheet menu. The previously editable range is now protected.

工作表保護也會影響螢幕底端工作表分頁的右鍵功能表。[刪除][重新命名] 指令皆無法選取。


A protected sheet or cell range can no longer be modified until this protection is disabled, with the exceptions of the settings for columns and row of the Tools - Protect Sheet dialog. To disable the protection, choose the Tools - Protect Sheet command. If no password was set, the sheet protection is immediately disabled. If the sheet was password protected, the Remove Protection dialog opens, where you must enter the password.

儲存後,受保護的試算表僅可以透過 [檔案] - [另存新檔] 指令再次儲存。


Complete protection of your work can be achieved by combining the options Tools - Protect Sheet and Tools - Protect Spreadsheet Structure, including password protection. To prohibit opening the document altogether, in the Save dialog mark the Save with password box before you click the Save button.

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