Function List

這個指令會開啟 [函式清單] 視窗,此視窗將會顯示可插入您文件中的所有函式。[函式清單] 視窗與函式精靈[函式] 標籤頁類似。插入的函式含有萬用字元,這些萬用字元將由相應的數值來替代。


From the menu bar:

Choose View - Function List.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose Insert - Function List

From toolbars:

Icon Functions


From the sidebar:

Choose Functions.

The Function List window is a resizable dockable window. Use it to quickly enter functions in the spreadsheet. By double-clicking an entry in the functions list, the respective function is directly inserted with all parameters.


Lists all the categories to which the different functions are assigned. Select a category to view the appropriate functions in the list field below. Select "All" to view all functions in alphabetical order, irrespective of category. "Last Used" lists the functions you have most recently used.


Displays the available functions. When you select a function, the area below the list box displays a short description. To insert the selected function double-click it or click the Insert Function into calculation sheet icon.


Icon Insert Function

Inserts the selected function into the document.

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