UNO Objects, Functions and Services

Functions, objects and services of Unified Network Objects (UNO).

BasicLibraries Object

CreateUnoStruct Function

建立一個 Uno 結構類型的實例。

CreateUnoService Function

使用 ProcessServiceManager 實例化 Uno 服務。

CreateUnoDialog Function

在 Basic 執行階段建立一個表示 Uno 對話方塊控制項的 Basic Uno 物件。

CreateUnoListener Function


CreateUnoValue Function

傳回表示參照 Uno 類型系統精確定型的值的物件。

CreateObject Function

建立 UNO 物件。Windows 上亦可建立 OLE 物件。


EqualUnoObjects Function

如果指定的兩個 Basic Uno 物件表示相同的 Uno 物件實例,則傳回 True (真)。

CreateUnoService Function

使用 ProcessServiceManager 實例化 Uno 服務。

DialogLibraries Object

GetDefaultContext Function


GetProcessServiceManager Function

傳回 ProcessServiceManager (中央 Uno ServiceManager)。

GlobalScope specifier

To manage personal or shared library containers (LibreOffice Macros or My Macros) from within a document, use the GlobalScope specifier.

HasUnoInterfaces Function

測試 Basic Uno 物件是否支援某些 Uno 介面。

IsUnoStruct Function

如果給定的物件具有 Uno 結構,則傳回 True (真)。

StarDesktop object

The StarDesktop object represents LibreOffice application. Some routines or user interface objects such as current window can be used via StarDesktop.

ThisComponent Object

Addresses the active component whose properties can be read and set, and whose methods can be called. ThisComponent is used in Basic, where it represents the current document. Properties and methods available through ThisComponent depend on the document type.


LibreOffice provides an Application Programming Interface (API) that allows controlling the LibreOffice components with different programming languages by using the LibreOffice Software Development Kit (SDK). For more information about the LibreOffice API and the Software Development Kit, visit

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