Microsoft Office

Specifies the settings for importing and exporting Microsoft Office and other documents.


选择「 - 加载/保存 - Microsoft Office」。


The Embedded Objects section specifies how to import and export Microsoft Office or other OLE objects.

These settings are valid when no Microsoft or other OLE server exists (for example, in UNIX) or when there is no LibreOffice OLE server ready for editing the OLE objects.

如果存在可用于嵌入对象的 OLE 服务,则将使用 OLE 服务来处理该对象。

如果没有可用于「数学类型对象」的 OLE 服务,则嵌入的「数学类型对象」可以转换成 LibreOffice 数学对象。对于这一转换,嵌入的「数学类型对象」不允许超出「数学类型规格 3.1」的范围。

[L] and [S] Columns

The [L] and [S] checkbox displays the entries for the pair of OLE objects that can be converted when loading into LibreOffice [L] and/or when saving into a Microsoft format [S].

Mark the box in the [L] column in front of the entry if a Microsoft or other OLE object is to be converted into the specified LibreOffice OLE object when a Microsoft or other document is loaded into LibreOffice.

如果在保存一个 Microsoft 文件格式的文档时,要将 LibreOfficeOLE 对象转换成所谓的 Microsoft OLE 对象,则要选中条目前的列 [S] 内的框。

Character Highlighting

Microsoft Office 有两个类似于 LibreOffice 字符背景的字符属性。选择要在导出到 Microsoft Office 文件格式时使用的相应属性 (高亮或底纹)。

Lock files

Mark this checkbox to generate a Microsoft Office lock file in addition to LibreOffice own lock file. Lock files signal to applications that a resource or file should not be used until the lock is released.


LibreOffice can read lock files generated by Microsoft Office.