Manage Templates

The Template Manager dialog makes it easy to manage templates and allows you to start new documents using templates.


点击菜单「文件 - 新建 – 模版」。

点击菜单「文件 – 模版 – 管理模版」。

在任意 LibreOffice 模块按「+Shift+N 」。



「模版」可节省编辑时间。通过「模版」新建文档时,可预先填充内容与格式。「模版管理器」允许您访问与组织 LibreOffice 中的模版。

LibreOffice 自带一系列内置模版,可用于创建文档、演示文稿、电子表格或绘图。您可以使用「模版管理器」中可用的模版,也可以创建自己的模版或在线浏览其他模版。



「主窗口 – 模版」选择


Choose Thumbnail View or List View, at the bottom left, to change how the templates are displayed.

Thumbnail View Icon

Thumbnail View

List View Icon



To show templates from another folder in the My Templates category, choose LibreOffice - Paths, select Templates, press Edit, then press Add to open the file dialog for selecting the folder to add.


You may search for a template by entering text in the search box at the top left. The Main window shows the templates found.


You may filter for: All Applications, Text Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations or Drawings by choosing an option from the dropdown box at the top-center. The main window displays the filtered templates.


Categories are folders where you place your templates. All templates are placed in a category, and can only be placed in one category. You may choose from the default categories: All Categories, My Templates, Business Correspondence, MediaWiki, Other Business Documents, Personal Correspondence and Documents, Presentations or Styles. You may also create new categories for your personal use. Press Manage at the top right corner of the Template Manager, then select New Category to create a new category.

It is possible to move user-defined templates and copy built-in templates to another category. Use the Move option, found by right-clicking an individual template.




Press Manage at the top right corner to open the Manage menu. The options are: New Category, Import, and Extensions. If a template is set as default, then the option Reset Default appears. If a user-defined category is selected, then Rename Category and Delete Category also appear.

New Category

To create a new category to place a template, select this option.

New Category Icon

New Category

Reset Default

This option appears only if you have set a specific template as default. Use this command to remove that setting. Use Filter to specify which application template will be reset. Select All Applications in Filter to reset templates for all applications to their default templates.


To import one or more templates into the Template Manager, select Import, choose the Category of the template in the Select Category dialog, then select the files to be imported.

Import Icon



To browse for more templates online, choose Extensions to open a search window. You can also search for templates at

Extensions Icon


Actions with Individual Templates



You can also use the Open button on the bottom right to open a new document using the selected template.

Open Icon



Select a template in the main window and right-click and then choose Edit to edit the template. For built-in templates, it is possible to edit a copy.

Edit Icon



Select a template in the main window and right-click and then choose Set as Default to set the template as the default template. This will cause a green tick to appear next to the selected template and the template will automatically load when a new document is created using the matching application.

Set as Default Icon

Set as Default



Rename Icon



Select one or more templates to delete in the main window and press the Delete key, or right-click then choose Delete to delete the selected template(s). A dialog box will appear requesting confirmation. Choose Yes to delete or No to cancel.

Delete Icon



Built-in templates cannot be edited, renamed or deleted.


To move templates to a different category, choose a template, or use +click to select additional templates, then right-click and choose Move to open the Select Category dialog box, where you can choose the target category or to a new category and move the template into. Built-in templates cannot be moved, but copies can be created in other categories.

Move Icon



Choose a template in the main window, or use +click to select additional templates, and then right-click and select Export to export your selection to a folder on your computer.

Export Icon



To move or export all templates in a Category, press +A, then choose Move or Export.


示例 1 – 创建商务信函

  1. 打开 LibreOffice Writer

  2. 按「+Shift+N」或点击「文件 - 新建 - 模版」可打开「模板管理器」

  3. 在搜索框中输入「商务信函」

  4. Choose one of the templates from the main window by double-clicking on it or select and press Enter.

  5. 将在 LibreOffice Writer 的新实例中使用该模版创建新的文档

  6. 按需更改文字与 logo

示例 2 – 导入模版 – 个人预算电子表格

  1. 打开 LibreOffice Calc

  2. 按「+Shift+N」或点击「文件 - 新建 - 模版」可打开「模板管理器」

  3. Click on Manage and choose Extensions to browse for online templates.

  4. 搜索「个人预算模板」,然后下载它

  5. 打开「模板管理器」, 然后选择「导入」按钮

  6. Select a category to save the new template in, for example, My Templates, and press OK.

  7. 浏览下载模版的文件夹,选中模版并按「打开」

  8. 模版现在已经出现在您选择的类别中。

示例 3 – LibreOffice Impress – 演示文稿模版

  1. 打开 LibreOffice Impress

  2. 「模板管理器」会在您打开 LibreOffice Impress 时自动打开

  3. 为演示文稿选择一款模版,按类别筛选或搜索

  4. You may also use the context menu, import a template, or search online for a template.

  5. A few features in the Template Manager are not available when first opened automatically. After starting LibreOffice Impress you may run the Template Manager again to access all features.

Refer to for templates to download.

See Chapter 3 – Using Styles and Templates in the Getting Started Guide.

See Creating a Document Template for related information.