Execute SQL statement

Opens a dialog where you can enter an SQL command for administering a database.


在数据库文件窗口中,选择「工具 - SQL」。

执行 SQL 命令

You can only enter administration commands in this dialog, such as Grant, Create Table, or Drop Table, and not filter commands. The commands that you can enter depend on the data source, for example, dBASE can only run some of the SQL commands list here.


To run an SQL query for filtering data in the database, use the Query Design View.

Command to execute

Enter the SQL administration command that you want to run.

For example, for a "Bibliography" data source, you can enter the following SQL command:

SELECT "Address" FROM "biblio" "biblio"

For more information on SQL commands, please consult the documentation that came with the database.

直接运行 SQL 命令

在「原生 SQL」模式下可以输入 SQL 命令,这些命令不经过 LibreOffice 的解释,直接传递到数据源中。如果未在设计视图中显示这些修改,则不能再修改回设计视图。

Show output of "select" statements

Show the result of the SQL SELECT command in the Output box.


Runs the command that you entered in the Command to execute box.

Previous commands

Lists the previously executed SQL commands. To run a command again, click the command, and then click Execute.


Displays the status, including errors, of the SQL command that you ran.


Displays the results of the SQL command that you ran.