使用 Calc 中的数据统计功能执行复杂的数据分析

要进行复杂的统计或工程分析, 可以使用「Calc 数据统计」节省步骤和时间。您可以为每次分析提供数据和参数, 这组工具可使用适当的统计或工程函数来计算和并在输出表格中显示结果。


Create a table with data sampled from another table.

Descriptive Statistics

Fill a table in the spreadsheet with the main statistical properties of the data set.

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Produces the analysis of variance (ANOVA) of a given data set


Calculates the correlation of two sets of numeric data.


Calculates the covariance of two sets of numeric data.

Exponential Smoothing

Results in a smoothed data series

Moving Average

Calculates the moving average of a time series

Regression Analysis

Performs linear, logarithmic, or power regression analysis of a data set comprising one dependent variable and multiple independent variables.

Paired t-test

Calculates the paired t-Test of two data samples.


Calculates the F-Test of two data samples.


Calculates the z-Test of two data samples.

Chi-square test

Calculates the Chi-square test of a data sample.

Fourier Analysis

Produces the Fourier analysis of a data set by computing the Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) of an input array of complex numbers using a couple of Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) algorithms.