Insert Table

Inserts a table into the document. You can also click the arrow, drag to select the number of rows and columns to include in the table, and then click in the last cell.

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Choose Table - Insert Table


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LibreOffice can automatically format numbers that you enter in a table cell, for example, dates and times. To activate this feature, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Table and click the Number recognition check box in the Input in tables area.

Hiển thị kết quả phép tính bảng trong bảng khác


Enter a name for the table.


Enter the number of columns that you want in the table.


Enter the number of rows that you want in the table.

Tùy chọn

Đặt các tùy chọn về bảng.

Tiêu đề

Includes a heading row in the table.

Repeat heading rows on new pages

Repeats the heading of the table at the top of subsequent page if the table spans more than one page.

Heading rows

Select the number of rows that you want to use for the heading. The spinbox accepts values up to one less than the number of rows being inserted.

Don't split the table over pages

Prevents the table from spanning more than one page.

List of table styles

Select a predefined style for the new table.

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