Chèn liên kết lưu

Inserts a bookmark at the cursor position. You can then use the Navigator to quickly jump to the marked location at a later time. In an HTML document, bookmarks are converted to anchors that you can jump to from a hyperlink.

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Liên kết lưu

To jump to a specific bookmark, press F5 to open the Navigator, click the plus sign (+) next to the Bookmarks entry, and then double-click the bookmark.


Type the name of the bookmark that you want to create. Then, click Insert.

Tên liên kết lưu không thể chứa ký tự : / \ @ : * ? " ; , . #

Liên kết lưu

Lists all the bookmarks in the current document.


To rename a bookmark, select the bookmark, press Rename, then type the new name in the dialog box.


To delete a bookmark, select the bookmark and click the Delete button. No confirmation dialog will follow.


If bookmarks are protected, then they cannot be deleted or renamed.

Go to

To move the cursor in the document to a bookmark, select the bookmark, then press Go to.


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