Specifies the settings for the configurable grid on your document pages. This grid helps you determine the exact position of your objects. You can also set this grid in line with the "magnetic" snap grid.

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Choose - LibreOffice Writer/LibreOffice Calc/LibreOffice Writer/Web - Grid.


Đính lưới

Specifies whether to move frames, drawing elements, and controls only between grid points. To change the status of the snap grip only for the current action, drag an object while holding down the .

Hiện lưới

Specifies whether to display the grid.

Độ phân giải

Nằm ngang

Defines the unit of measure for the spacing between grid points on the X-axis.

Nằm dọc

Defines the grid points spacing in the desired unit of measurement on the Y-axis.

Chia nhỏ

Nằm ngang

Ghi rõ số điểm trung gian giữa hai điểm lưới trên trục X.

Nằm dọc

Ghi rõ số điểm trung gian giữa hai điểm lưới trên trục Y.

Đồng bộ hoá các trục

Specifies whether to change the current grid settings symmetrically. The resolution and subdivision for the X and Y axes remain the same.

Set the grid color on - LibreOffice - Application Colors.

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