Trợ lý Báo cáo

Activates the wizard for creating reports.

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Nhấn vào mục Dùng Trợ lý để tạo báo cáo trong cửa sổ tập tin cơ sở dữ liệu.

Using and Editing Database Reports

Chọn các thuộc tính của báo cáo.

Trợ lý Báo cáo > Chọn trường

Specifies the table or query for which you are creating the report, and which fields you wish to include in the report.

Trợ lý Báo cáo > Nhãn trường

Specifies how you want to label the fields.

Trợ lý Báo cáo > Nhóm lại

You can group records in a report based on the values in one or more fields. Select the fields by which the resulting report will be grouped. You can group up to four fields in a report. When you group more than one field, LibreOffice nests the groups according to their group level.

Trợ lý Báo cáo > Tùy chọn Sắp xếp

Select the fields by which to sort the report. Fields can be sorted by up to four levels, each either ascending or descending. Grouped fields can only be sorted within each group.

Trợ lý Báo cáo > Chọn Bố trí

Choose the layout from different templates and styles, and choose landscape or portrait page orientation.

Trợ lý Báo cáo > Tạo Báo cáo

You can create the report as a static or dynamic report. When you open a dynamic report, it will display with the current data contents. When you open a static report, it will always display the same data from the time when the static report was created.


Nhấn vào cái nút Thôi thì đóng hộp thoại mà không lưu thay đổi.


View the selections in the dialog made in the previous step. The current settings remain unchanged. This button can only be activated from page two on.


Click the Next button, and the wizard uses the current dialog settings and proceeds to the next step. If you are on the last step, this button becomes Create.

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