Phương tiện

Select the size of your business card from a number of predefined size formats, or a size format that you specify on the Format tab.

Để truy cập lệnh này...

Choose File - New - Business Cards - Medium tab.

Định dạng

Chọn định dạng kích cỡ cho danh thiếp.

Liên tục

Prints business cards on continuous paper.

Tờ giấy

Prints business cards on individual sheets.

Tên hãng

Select the brand of paper that you want to use. Each brand has its own size formats.


Select the size format that you want to use. The available formats depend on what you selected in the Brand list. If you want to use a custom size format, select [User], and then click the Format tab to define the format.

Thông tin

The paper type and the dimensions of the business card are displayed at the bottom of the Format area.

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