CDateToIso Function

Returns the date in ISO format without separators (YYYYMMDD) from a serial date number that is generated by the DateSerial or the DateValue or the CDateFromIso function.

The year part consists of at least four digits, with leading zeros if the absolute value is less than 1000, it can be negative with a leading minus sign if the date passed denotes a year before the common era (BCE) and it can have more than four digits if the absolute value is greater than 9999. The formatted string returned can be in the range "-327680101" to "327671231".

Biểu tượng Ghi chú

Years less than 100 and greater than 9999 are supported since LibreOffice 5.4.

Cú pháp:


GIá trị trả về:


Tham số :

Số: số nguyên chứa số ngày tháng kiểu dãy.

Error codes:

5 Sai gọi thủ tục

Thí dụ :

Sub ExampleCDateToIso
    MsgBox "" & CDateToIso(Now) ,64,"Ngày ISO"
End Sub

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