Defines which elements of the LibreOffice Calc main window are displayed. You can also show or hide highlighting of values in tables.

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Visual aids

Specifies which lines are displayed.

Grid lines

Specifies when grid lines will be displayed. Default is to display grid lines only on cells that do not have a background color. You can choose to also display grid lines on cells with background color, or to hide them. For printing, choose Format - Page Style - Sheet and mark the Grid check box.


Specifies a color for the grid lines in the current document. To see the grid line color that was saved with the document, go to - LibreOffice - Application Colors, under Scheme find the entry Spreadsheet - Grid lines and set the color to "Automatic".

Page breaks

Specifies whether to view the page breaks within a defined print area.

Helplines While Moving

Specifies whether to view guides when moving drawings, frames, graphics and other objects. These guides help you align objects.


Select various options for the screen display.


Specifies whether to show formulas instead of results in the cells.

Zero values

Specifies whether to show numbers with the value of 0.

Comment indicator

Specifies that a small rectangle in the top right corner of the cell indicates that a comment exists. The comment will be shown only when you enable tips under LibreOffice - General in the Options dialog box.

To display a comment permanently, select the Show comment command from the cell's context menu.

You can type and edit comments with the Insert - Comment command. Comments that are permanently displayed can be edited by clicking the comment box. Click the Navigator and under the Comments entry you can view all comments in the current document. By double clicking a comment in Navigator, the cursor will jump to the corresponding cell containing the comment.

Formula indicator and hint

Draws a blue triangle in the bottom-left corner of a cell that contains a formula. When pointing over the blue triangle, the formula is shown in a tool tip even if a different cell is selected.

Value highlighting

Відмітьте поле Виділення значень кольором, щоб передати вміст комірки різними кольорами, залежно від типу. Текстові комірки мають чорне забарвлення, формули - зелене, числові комірки - синє, а захищені комірки будуть показані на світло-сірому фоні, незалежно від того, як вони форматовані.


When this command is active, any colors assigned in the document will not be displayed until the function is deactivated.


Specifies whether the anchor icon is displayed when an inserted object, such as a graphic, is selected.

Text overflow

If a cell contains text that is wider than the width of the cell, the text is displayed over empty neighboring cells in the same row. If there is no empty neighboring cell, a small triangle at the cell border indicates that the text continues.

Show references in color

Цим вказують, що кожне посилання у формулі виділяється кольором. Діапазон комірок також охоплюється кольоровою рамкою, як тільки комірку, що містить посилання, вибрано для редагування.


Defines whether to display or hide objects for up to three object groups.


Defines if objects and graphics are shown or hidden.


Defines if charts in your document are shown or hidden.

Drawing objects

Defines if drawing objects in your document are shown or hidden.


Synchronize sheets

If checked, all sheets are shown with the same zoom factor. If not checked, each sheet can have its own zoom factor.


Specifies whether some Help elements will or will not appear in the table.

Column/Row headers

Specifies whether to display row and column headers.

Horizontal scrollbar

Specifies whether to display a horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the document window.

Vertical scrollbar

Specifies whether to display a vertical scrollbar at the right of the document window.

Sheet tabs

Specifies whether to display the sheet tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet document. If this box is not checked, you will only be able to switch between the sheets through the .

Outline symbols

If you have defined an , the Outline symbols option specifies whether to view the outline symbols at the border of the sheet.

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