The Edit menu of a database window.


Копіює виділений об’єкт у буфер обміну.


Вставляє вміст буфера обміну. Ви можете вставляти форми та звіти, включаючи підтеки, з одного файлу бази даних до іншого.

Вставити як

Inserts an item from the clipboard. If you want, you can insert forms and reports, including subfolders, from one database file to another.

Select All

Selects all entries, including subfolders, in the lower part of the database window.


Відкриває вікно, у якому можна редагувати вибрану таблицю, запит, форму чи звіт.


Видаляє вибрану таблицю, запит, форму чи звіт.


Renames the selected object. Depending on the database, some names, characters, and name length might be invalid.


Opens the selected object in the last saved state.

Create as View

Converts the selected query to a view. The original query remains in your database file and an additional view is generated on the database server. You must have write permission to add a view to a database.


Most databases use queries to filter or to sort database tables to display records on your computer. Views offer the same functionality as queries, but on the server side. If your database is on a server that supports views, you can use views to filter the records on the server to speed up the display time.

Form Wizard

Starts the Form Wizard for the selected table, query, or view.

Report Wizard

Starts the Report Wizard for the selected table, query, or view.


Opens a submenu.


Opens the Database Properties dialog.

Connection Type

Opens the Connection Type Wizard.

Advanced Properties

Opens the Advanced Properties dialog.

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