Розставляння переносів

The Hyphenation command calls the dialog for setting the hyphenation in LibreOffice Calc.

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You can only turn on the automatic hyphenation in LibreOffice Calc when the row break feature is active.

Hyphenation for selected cells.

  1. Select the cells for which you want to change the hyphenation.

  2. Choose Tools - Language - Hyphenation.

  3. The Format Cells dialog appears with the Alignment tab page open.

  4. Mark the Wrap text automatically and Hyphenation active check boxes.

Hyphenation for Drawing Objects

  1. Select a drawing object.

  2. Choose Tools - Language - Hyphenation.

  3. Each time you call the command you turn the hyphenation for the drawing object on or off. A check mark shows the current status.

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