HTML چىقار

Determines the settings for publishing LibreOffice Draw or LibreOffice Impress documents in HTML format.

بۇ بۇيرۇقنى زىيارەت قىل…

LibreOffice Draw or LibreOffice Impress menu File - Export, select HTML Document file type. The dialog opens automatically.

The pages displayed differ depending on what you select on the second page of the Wizard.

HTML Export - Page 1

On the first page you can select an existing design or create a new one.

HTML Export - Page 2

Determines the type of publication.

HTML Export - Page 3

Specifies the graphics type and the target screen resolution.

HTML Export - Page 4

Specifies the information to be displayed on the title page of the publication.

HTML Export - Page 5

Defines a button style for navigation through the presentation slides.

HTML Export - Page 6

Defines the colors for the publication.

< Back

Returns to the selections made on the previous page. The current settings remain saved. You can select this button once you are in the second editing step.

Next >

Saves the current settings and moves to the next page. This button becomes inactive on the last page of the dialog.


Creates new documents according to your selections and saves the documents.

Note Icon

LibreOffice saves the current Wizard settings and uses them as default the next time that you open the Wizard.

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