Text Import

Sets the import options for delimited data.

بۇ بۇيرۇقنى زىيارەت قىل…

Choose File - Open - File type, select Text CSV.

Choose Data - Text to Columns (Calc).

Copy data to clipboard, then choose Edit - Paste Special - Paste Special (Calc).


ھەرپ تەڭشەك

Specifies the character set to be used in the imported file.


سىرتقى يۈزنى سوزۇش كۆزنىكىنى ئاچىدۇ.

If Language is set to Default (for CSV import) or Automatic (for HTML import), Calc will use the globally set language. If Language is set to a specific language, that language will be used when importing numbers.

When importing an HTML document, the Language selection can conflict with the global HTML option Use 'English (USA)' locale for numbers. The global HTML option is effective only when the Automatic language option is selected. If you select a specific language in the HTML Import Options dialog, the global HTML option is ignored.

From Row

Specifies the row where you want to start the import. The rows are visible in the preview window at the bottom of the dialog.

Separator Options

Specifies whether your data uses separators or fixed widths as delimiters.

Fixed width

Separates fixed-width data (equal number of characters) into columns. Click on the ruler in the preview window to set the width.

Separated by

Select the separator used in your data.

جەدۋەل بەلگىسى

Separates data delimited by tabs into columns.

چېكىتلىك پەش

Separates data delimited by semicolons into columns.


Separates data delimited by commas into columns.


Separates data delimited by spaces into columns.


Separates data into columns using the custom separator that you specify. Note: The custom separator must also be contained in your data.

Merge delimiters

Combines consecutive delimiters and removes blank data fields.

Trim spaces

Removes starting and trailing spaces from data fields.

String delimiter

Select a character to delimit text data. You can also enter a character in the text box.

Other options

Sets some other import options.

Format quoted field as text

When this option is enabled, fields or cells whose values are quoted in their entirety (the first and last characters of the value equal the text delimiter) are imported as text.

ئالاھىدە رايوننى تەكشۈر

When this option is enabled, Calc will automatically detect all number formats, including special number formats such as dates, time, and scientific notation.

The selected language influences how such special numbers are detected, since different languages and regions many have different conventions for such special numbers.

When this option is disabled, Calc will detect and convert only decimal numbers. The rest, including numbers formatted in scientific notation, will be imported as text. A decimal number string can have digits 0-9, thousands separators, and a decimal separator. Thousands separators and decimal separators may vary with the selected language and region.

Skip empty cells

Available when using Paste Special: when this option is enabled, Calc preserves previous content of cells when pasting empty ones. Otherwise, Calc deletes content of previous cells.

In Text to Columns conversion, if cell content begins with a separator and this option is disabled, then first column will be emptied.

Evaluate formulas

Determines whether formula expressions starting with a = equal sign character are to be evaluated as formulas or imported as textual data. If checked evaluate formulas on input. Otherwise formulas are input as text.

سۆز بۆلىكى

Shows how your data will look when it is separated into columns.

Column type

Choose a column in the preview window and select the data type to be applied the imported data. You can select one of the following options:




LibreOffice determines the type.


Imported data are treated as text.

Date (DMY)

Applies a date format (Day, Month, Year) to the imported data in a column.

Date (MDY)

Applies a date format (Month, Day, Year) to the imported data in a column.

Date (YMD)

Applies a date format (Year, Month, Day) to the imported data in a column.

US English

Numbers formatted in US English are searched for and included regardless of the system language. A number format is not applied. If there are no US English entries, the Standard format is applied.


The data in the column are not imported.

If you selected one of the date formats (DMY), (MDY), or (YMD) and you enter numbers without date delimiters, the numbers are interpreted as follows:

Number of characters

سانلىق مەلۇمات پىچىمى


Two characters each are taken for day, month, and year in the selected order.


Four characters are taken for the year, two each for month and day, in the selected order.

5 or 7

As with 6 or 8 characters, but the first part of the sequence has one character less. This will suppress a leading zero for month and day.


If you want to include the leading zero in the data you import, in telephone numbers for example, apply the "Text" format to the column.

ئالدىن كۆزەت

Shows how the imported text will look after it is separated into columns. To apply a format to a column when it is imported, click a column and select a Column type. When you select a Column type, the column heading displays the applied format.

If you want to use a fixed width to separate the imported data into columns, click in the ruler to set the width boundaries.

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