Editing Pivot Charts

Edit a pivot chart in the same way as normal charts.

To edit a pivot chart

  1. Click a chart to edit the object properties:

    Size and position on the current page.

    Alignment, text wrap, outer borders, and more.

  2. دىئاگرامما قوش چېكىلسە دىئاگرامما تەھرىرلەش ھالىتىگە كىرىدۇ:

    Chart data values (for charts with own data).

    Chart type, axes, titles, walls, grid, and more.

  3. دىئاگرامما تەھرىرلەش ھالىتىدە مەلۇم دىئاگرامما ئېلېمېنتىنى قوش چېكىش:

    Double-click an axis to edit the scale, type, color, and more.

    Double-click a data point to select and edit the data series to which the data point belongs.

    With a data series selected, click, then double-click a single data point to edit the properties of this data point (for example, a single bar in a bar chart).

    Double-click the legend to select and edit the legend. Click, then double-click a symbol in the selected legend to edit the associated data series.

    Double-click any other chart element, or click the element and open the Format menu, to edit the properties.

  4. دىئاگرامما سىرتى يەككە چېكىلسە نۆۋەتتىكى تەھرىرلەش ھالىتىدىن چېكىنىدۇ.

Tip Icon

يۇقىرى سۈپەتلىك دىئاگرامما بېسىشتا، دىئاگراممىنى PDF ھۆججىتى سۈپىتىدە چىقىرىپ ئاندىن بۇ ھۆججەتنى باسسىڭىز بولىدۇ.

In chart edit mode, you see the Formatting Bar for charts near the upper border of the document. The Drawing Bar for charts appears near the lower border of the document. The Drawing Bar shows a subset of the icons from the Drawing toolbar of Draw and Impress.

You can right-click an element of a chart to open the context menu. The context menu offers many commands to format the selected element.

Editing Chart Titles

Editing Chart Axes

Editing Chart Legends

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3D View

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