Choose the macro that you want to execute when the selected graphic, frame, or OLE object is selected. Depending on the object that is selected, the function is either found on the Macro tab of the Object dialog, or in the Assign Macro dialog.


Lists the events that are relevant to the macros that are currently assigned to the selected object.

The following table describes the macros and the events that can by linked to objects in your document:


Event trigger

OLE ئوبيېكت



تېكست توپلام

ImageMap area


ئوبيېكت چەك

Object is selected.

چاشقىنەك ئوبيېكت ئۈستىدە

Mouse moves over the object.

Trigger Hyperlink

Hyperlink assigned to the object is clicked.

چاشقىنەك ئايرىلىش ئوبيېكتى

Mouse moves off of the object.

گرافىك مۇۋەپپەقىيەتلىك يۈكلەندى

Graphics are loaded successfully.

گرافىك يۈكلەش ئۈزۈلدى

Loading of graphics is stopped by the user (for example, when downloading the page).

گرافىك تولۇق يۈكلەنمىدى

Graphics not successfully loaded, for example, if a graphic was not found.

Input of alpha characters

Text is entered from the keyboard.

Input of non-alpha characters

Nonprinting characters are entered from the keyboard, for example, tabs and line breaks.

رامكا چوڭلۇقىنى ئۆزگەرت

Frame is resized with the mouse.

كاندۇك يۆتكە

Frame is moved with the mouse.

تېكست توپلانمىسى قىستۇرۇشتىن ئىلگىرى

Before a text block is inserted.

تېكست توپلانمىسى قىستۇرغاندىن كېيىن

After a text block is inserted.


Choose the macro that you want to execute when the selected event occurs.

Frames allow you to link events to a function, so that the function can determine if it processes the event or LibreOffice Writer.


Lists the open LibreOffice documents and applications. Click the name of the location where you want to save the macros.

ماكرو ئاتى

Lists the available macros. Click the macro that you want to assign to the selected object.


Assigns the selected macro to the specified event. The assigned macro's entries are set after the event.


Removes the macro that is assigned to the selected item.

Macro selection

Select the macro that you want to assign.

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