Tablolarda Numara Algılamayı Açmak veya Kapatmak

LibreOffice can automatically recognize numbers or dates that you enter into a table cell, converting them from text to an appropriate number format. Use Table - Number Format to change the display of the entered value.

Bir girdi bir sayı olarak algılanamazsa, sayı kategorisi Metin olarak değişir ve girdi değiştirilmez.

If Number recognition is not marked in the Options, numbers are saved in text format and are automatically left-aligned.

To enable or disable this feature, do one of the following:

This feature applies globally to all tables in all documents. When enabled, typing a date or number into a table cell will result in automatic formatting. Enabling and disabling this feature does not change existing data formatting.

- LibreOffice Writer - Tablo

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