Biçemi Uygula

Geçerli paragrafa, seçilmiş paragrafa veya seçili bir nesneye bir biçem atar.

To reset the selected objects to the default paragraph style, select Clear formatting. Select More Styles to open the Styles deck in the sidebar.

Clicking on the Down Arrow button on the right of a style name shows a pop-up menu that allows you to update the style from the current selection or to edit the style.


For a blank document, the dropdown displays a default selection of styles that users might want to start with. As the document is edited and makes use of styles, the default list is progressively replaced by applied styles (which is equivalent to what the "Applied Styles" filter shows in the sidebar's Styles deck).

Paragraf Biçemini Ayarla

Paragraf Biçemini Ayarla

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