Bit eşlem

Select a bitmap that you want to use as a fill image, or add your own bitmap pattern.

Bu komuta erişmek...

Choose Format - Area - Bitmaps tab.


Lists the available bitmaps. You can also import bitmaps.

To rename a bitmap, select the bitmap, right-click and choose Rename. To delete a bitmap, select the bitmap, right-click and choose Delete.


İçe aktarmak istediğiniz bit eşlemin konumunu belirleyin ve 'a tıklayın. Kullanılabilir bit eşlemler listesinin sonuna eklenecektir.


Imported bitmaps are saved in your user profile and can be used in other documents.




Size of the tiles and the custom size.


Select the anchoring position of the bitmap image inside the object area.

Tiling Position

Tiling Offset

Select the tiles offset in rows or columns. Use the spin button to specify the offset value.

Önizleme Alanı

Displays a preview of the current selection.

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