Лавҳаи фрейм

Лавҳаи Сурат барои ҷойгиркун ва форматкунии объектҳои графикӣ хизмат мекунад.

Image Filter

This icon on the Image bar opens the Image Filter bar, where you can use various filters on the selected picture.

Icon Filter



Lists view attributes for the selected graphic object. The embedded or linked graphic object in the current file will not be changed, only the view of the object.

Cell Styles

Режими графикӣ

Лавҳаи Fontwork

With the Color toolbar you can edit some properties of the selected object.


Specifies the transparency in the graphic object. Values from 0% (fully opaque) to +100% (fully transparent) are possible.



Даврзанонии амудӣ

Flips the selected image vertically.

Даврзанонии уфуқӣ

Flips the selected image horizontally.

Хосиятҳои графика

Formats the size, position, and other properties of the selected image.

Icon Graphics Properties

Хосиятҳои объекти графикӣ

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