Рақамгузорӣ гир./куш.

Activates or deactivates the direct cursor. You can click at the beginning, middle, or end of any possible text line on a page and then begin typing.

You can specify the behavior of the direct cursor by choosing - LibreOffice Writer - Formatting Aids.

Барои ин фармонро дастрас кардан...

From the menu bar:

Choose Edit - Direct Cursor Mode

From the tabbed interface:

Choose Home - Home menu - Direct Cursor Mode.

From toolbars:

Icon Toggle Direct Cursor Mode

Toggle Direct Cursor Mode

The direct cursor allows you to click in any blank area of a page to place text, images, tables, frames, and other objects.

If you place the direct cursor approximately in the middle between the left and the right margin of a page or a table cell, the text you insert will be centered. Similarly, text is right-aligned when the direct cursor is placed on the right margin.


The AutoCorrect tool automatically removes empty paragraphs, tabs, and spaces that are inserted by the direct cursor. If you want to use the direct cursor, then disable the AutoCorrect tool.

The direct cursor sets tabs to position the cursor. If you change the tabs later. the position of the text on the page may change as well.

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