Чоп кардани баёния

Қиматҳои ибтидоии принтер

  1. To set the default printing options for LibreOffice Impress, choose - LibreOffice Impress - Print.

Насб кардани параметрҳо принтер барои баёнияи кунунӣ

  1. Дафтар - Чоп.интихоб кунед

  2. Click Параметрҳоро пахш кунед, ва сипас параметрҳои принтерро интихоб кунед.

    These settings override the default printer options in - LibreOffice Impress - Print for the current print job only.

Choosing a print layout for handouts

  1. Дафтар - ЧопИнтихоб кунед.

  2. On the General tab page of the Print dialog, select the "Handouts" entry from the Document listbox.

  3. Select the number of slides to print per page of paper.

Defining print options for handouts

  1. Click the Handout tab.

  2. Choose Insert - Page Number to open the Header and Footer dialog box.

  3. Click Notes and Handouts to enter the header and footer text for handouts.

    You see four areas on this dialog with check boxes for Header, Date and time, Footer, and Page number. These four areas correspond to the four areas in the corners of the master handout view.

  4. Enter text for header, footer, and date. Check the Page number box, if you want to number the handout pages. Ensure the Header check box is enabled if you want your header text to be printed.

  5. Click Apply to All.

    The fields in the master handout view on screen are not updated, but the text that you entered will be printed.

Printing handouts or notes

  1. Дафтар - ЧопИнтихоб кунед.

  2. Параметрҳопахш кунед.

  3. Select Handouts or Notes and select the number of slides to print on each page of paper.


If you want another layout of the slides on the printed paper pages, use the mouse to move the slides around on the Handout view.

Чопи пайдарпайии слайдҳо

  1. Намоиш - Танзимгари слайдҳоро интихоб кунед.

  2. Калиди Shift-ро пахш карда истода, слайдҳоеро кичоп кардан мехоҳед интихоб кунед.

  3. Дафтар - Чоп.интихоб кунед

  4. Дар майдони Чопи саҳифаҳо Саҳифаҳо.

  5. Enter the slide numbers you want to print, and click OK.

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