To Polygon

Converts the selected object to a polygon (a closed object bounded by straight lines). The appearance of the object does not change. If you want, you can right-click and choose Edit Points to view the changes.

Барои ин фармонро дастрас кардан...

Choose Shape - Convert - To Polygon (LibreOffice Draw only)

Контекст менюи обҷекти интихобшударо кушоед Такмилидиҳӣ -Ба Бисёркунҷа

Такмил додани суратҳои Bitmap ба Графикҳои векторӣ

To Polygon dialog

Табодул ба бисёркунҷа

The following options are required to convert a bitmap image to a polygon. The converted image is actually a collection of smaller polygons filled with color.


Set the conversion options for the image.

Шумораи рангҳо:

Enter the number of colors to be displayed in the converted image. LibreOffice generates a polygon for each occurrence of a color in the image.

Камсозии нуқтаҳо

Removes color polygons that are smaller than the pixel value you enter.

Пур кардани шикофҳо

Fills the color gaps caused by applying a point reduction.

Tile size

Enter the size of the rectangle for the background fill.

Source image:

Preview of the original image.

Расми векторӣ:

Preview of the converted image. Click Preview to generate the vectorized image.


Displays the conversion progress.

Намоиши пешакӣ

Previews the converted image without applying the changes.

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