Defines the appearance of changes in the document.

To record or show changes in your text or spreadsheet document, choose Edit - Track Changes - Record or Edit - Track Changes - Show.

Барои ин фармонро дастрас кардан...

Open a text document, choose - LibreOffice Writer - Changes.

Намоиши матн

Ҷӯрсозиҳои навишти тағиротро муайян месозад. Типи тағиротро бо радиоқуттӣ, параметрҳои мувофиқи экран ва рангро интихоб кунед. Майдони намоиши пешакӣ таъсири параметри интихобшударо нишон медиҳад.

Иловакуниҳо / Атрибутҳо

Specifies how changes in the document are displayed when text is inserted.

Кӯркуниҳо / Атрибутҳо

Specifies how changes in the document are displayed when text is deleted. If you record text deletions, the text is displayed with the selected attribute (for example, strikethrough) and is not deleted.

Атрибутҳои тағирёфта / Атрибутҳо

Defines how changes to text attributes are displayed in the document. These changes affect attributes such as bold, italic or underline.


You can also choose a color to display each type of recorded change. When you choose the condition "By author" in the list, the color is automatically determined by LibreOffice, then modified to match to the author of each change.

Сатрҳои тағирёфта

Барои муайян сохтани сатрҳои тағирёфта шумо метавонед дар ҳошияи чап ё рост нишонӣ гузоред.


Defines if and where changed lines in the document are marked. You can set the markings so that they always appear on the left or right page margin, or on the outer or inner margin.


Specifies the color for highlighting the changed lines in the text.

Майдони намоиши пешакӣ

Displays a preview of the current selection.

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