Start Center

Welcome to LibreOffice. Thank you for using the LibreOffice application help. Press F1 whenever you need help using LibreOffice.

You see the Start Center when no document is open in LibreOffice. It is divided into two panes. Click a button on the left pane to open a new document or a file dialog.

Open existing files

The Open File button presents a file open dialog.

The Remote Files button presents a Remote files dialog to open files stored on remote servers.

Click the Recent Documents button to show thumbnails of the most recent documents you opened in the right side of the window. Hover your mouse over the thumbnail to highlight the document, display a tip about the document location and display an icon on the top right to delete the thumbnail from the pane and from the recent files list. Click on the thumbnail to open the document underneath.

You can remove an item from the Recent Documents list by clicking the button in the upper-right corner of the icon. The document itself is not deleted. You can remove all items on the Recent Documents list by pressing the Recent Documents dropdown button and selecting Clear Recent Documents.

Working with Templates

Click the Templates button to display templates for all applications in the right side of the window.

Click the down arrow after the Templates button to open a menu where you can select a filter to display templates by application type or open the Template Manager dialog.

Right click on a template in the right pane to open a menu where you can either open the template to create a new document based on the template or edit the template itself.


The document buttons each open a new document of the specified type.

The Extensions button opens the page, where you can download templates and additional features for LibreOffice.


Encrypted files will not display a thumbnail image of its content.

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