Ёвари Ҷадвал

The View menu of a database window.

Database Objects

Opens a submenu.


Selects the forms container and shows all forms in the detail view.


Selects the reports container and shows all reports in the detail view.


Selects the queries container and shows all queries in the detail view.


Selects the tables container and shows all tables in the detail view.


Opens a submenu.

Бо болоравӣ

Sorts the entries in the detail view in ascending order.

Бо поёнравӣ

Sorts the entries in the detail view in descending order.

Намоиши пешакӣ

Opens a submenu.


Disables the preview in the database window.

Маълумот дар бораи майдон

The preview window displays the document information of a form or report.


The preview displays the document of a form or report.

Refresh Tables

Refreshes the tables.

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