Defining Background Colors or Background Graphics

You can define a background color or use a graphic as a background for cell ranges in LibreOffice Calc.

Applying a Background Color to a LibreOffice Calc Spreadsheet

  1. Чашмакро интихоб намоед.

  2. Формат - ЧашмакҳоФормати чашмакҳоро аз менюи контекстӣ интихоб намоед).

  3. Дар саҳифаи Манзар ранги манзарро интихоб намоед.

Тасвир дар манзари чашмакҳо

  1. Иловакунӣ - Тасвир - Аз дафтарро интихоб намоед.

  2. Тасвирро интихоб намуда тугмачаи Кушоданро пахш намоед.

    The graphic is inserted anchored to the current cell. You can move and scale the graphic as you want. In your context menu you can use the Arrange - To Background command to place this in the background. To select a graphic that has been placed in the background, use the Navigator.

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