Тирчаи назди тасвирро пахш кунед, то ки лавҳаи Иловакунӣ ро кушоед, ки аз он графика ва рамзҳои махсусро ба ҷадвал дохил карда метавонед.

Тугмачаи лавҳаи асбобҳо



Шумо метавонед тугмачаҳои зерро истифода кунед:

Floating Frame

Inserts a floating frame into the current document. Floating frames are used in HTML documents to display the contents of another file.

Icon Floating frame

Floating Frame

Рамзи махсус

Allows a user to insert characters from the range of symbols found in the installed fonts.

Icon Special character

Рамзи махсус

Аз дафтар

Opens a file selection dialog to insert an image into the current document.

Icon Image


Audio or Video

Inserts a video or audio file into your document.

Icon Media

Media / Audio or Video

Аз дафтар

Formula Object

Inserts a formula into the current document.

Icon Insert Formula Object

Insert Formula Object


Icon Chart


OLE Object

Insert OLE Object

Inserts an OLE object into the current document. The OLE object is inserted as a link or an embedded object.

Icon OLE object

OLE Object

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