Hides selected rows or columns

Барои ин фармонро дастрас кардан...

From the menu bar:

Choose Format - Rows - Hide.

Choose Format - Columns - Hide.

From the context menu:

Click on the rows headers to select, choose Hide Rows.

Click on the columns headers to select, choose Hide Columns.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose Home - Rows - Hide Rows.

Choose Home - Columns - Hide Columns.

Choose Layout - Rows - Hide Rows.

Choose Layout - Columns - Hide Columns.

From toolbars:

Icon Hide Rows

Hide Rows

Icon Hide Columns

Hide Columns


Буррише дар сарлавҳаи сатр ё сутун мефаҳмонад, ки сатр ё сутун пинҳон шудааст.

To display hidden rows or columns

  1. Select the range that includes the hidden objects. You can also use the box in the corner above row 1 and beside column A.

  2. Choose Format - Rows/Columns - Show.

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