Function List

Opens the Function List deck of the Sidebar, which displays all functions that can be inserted into your document. The Function List deck is similar to the Functions tab page of the Function Wizard. The functions are inserted with placeholders to be replaced with your own values.

Барои ин фармонро дастрас кардан...

Choose Insert - Function List.

Равзанаи Рӯйхати функсия андозабандӣ мешавад равзанаи андозанок. Бо ду бор пахш кардан формула ба ҷои лозима бо ҳама параметрҳояш гузошта мешавад.

Рӯйхати Категория

Lists all the categories to which the different functions are assigned. Select a category to view the appropriate functions in the list field below. Select "All" to view all functions in alphabetical order, irrespective of category. "Last Used" lists the functions you have most recently used.

Рӯйхати функсия

Displays the available functions. When you select a function, the area below the list box displays a short description. To insert the selected function double-click it or click the Insert Function into calculation sheet icon.

Иловакунии функтсия ба варақ

Icon Insert Function

Inserts the selected function into the document.

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