Split Function

Returns an array of substrings from a string expression.


Split (Text As String, delimiter, number)

Return value:



Text: Any string expression.

delimiter (optional): A string of one or more characters length that is used to delimit the Text. The default is the space character.

number (optional): The number of substrings that you want to return.


Dim a(3)
Sub main()
    a(0) = "ABCDE"
    a(1) = 42
    a(2) = "MN"
    a(3) = "X Y Z"
    JStr = Join1()
    Call Show(JStr, Split1(JStr))
    JStr = Join2()
    Call Show(JStr, Split1(JStr))
    JStr = Join3()
    Call Show(JStr, Split1(JStr))
End Sub
Function Join1()
    Join1 = Join(a(), "abc")
End Function
Function Join2()
    Join2 = Join(a(), ",")
End Function
Function Join3()
    Join3 = Join(a())
End Function
Function Split1(aStr)
    Split1 = Split(aStr, "D")
End Function
Sub Show(JoinStr, TheArray)
    l = LBound(TheArray)
    u = UBound(TheArray)
    total$ = "=============================" + Chr$(13) + JoinStr + Chr$(13) + Chr$(13)
    For i = l To u
        total$ = total$ + TheArray(i) + Str(Len(TheArray(i))) + Chr$(13)
    Next i
    MsgBox total$
End Sub

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