Timer Function

Returns a value that specifies the number of seconds that have elapsed since midnight.

Тасвири эзоҳ

You must first declare a variable to call the Timer function and assign it the "Long " data type, otherwise a Date value is returned.



Return value:



Sub ExampleTimer
Dim lSec As Long,lMin As Long,lHour As Long
    lSec = Timer
    MsgBox lSec,0,"Seconds since midnight"
    lMin = lSec / 60
    lSec = lSec Mod 60
    lHour = lMin / 60
    lMin = lMin Mod 60
    MsgBox Right("00" & lHour , 2) & ":"& Right("00" & lMin , 2) & ":" & Right("00" & lSec , 2) ,0,"The time is"
End Sub

The Timer function measures time in seconds. To measure time in milliseconds use the Timer service.

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