3D க்கு நிலைமாற்றுக

Converts the selected object to a three-dimensional (3D) object.

இக்கட்டளையை அணுக...

Choose Shape - Convert - To 3D (LibreOffice Draw only)

தேர்ந்த பொருளின் சூழல் பட்டியைத் திறப்பதோடு நிலைமாற்று - 3Dக்கு ஐத் தேர்தெடுக

The selected object is first converted to a contour, and then to a 3D object.

If you select two or more objects and convert them to 3D, the result is a 3D group that acts as a single object. You can edit the individual objects in the group by choosing . Choose when you are finished.

Note Icon

Converting a group of objects to 3D does not change the stacking order of the individual objects.

Tip Icon

Press F3 to quickly enter a group and +F3 to leave the group.

You can also convert bitmap images and vector graphics, including clipart, to 3D objects. LibreOffice treats bitmaps as rectangles and vector graphics as a group of polygons when converting to 3D.

உரையைக் கொண்டிருக்கும் வரை பொருள்கள் கூட நிலைமாற்றக்கூடியவை.

If you want, you can also apply a 3D Effect to the converted object.

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