Class Path

You use this dialog to add folders and archives to the Java class path. These paths are valid for any JRE that you start.

இக்கட்டளையை அணுக...

Choose - LibreOffice - Advanced.

Assigned folders and archives

Specifies the location of Java classes or Java class libraries. The new classpath becomes valid after you restart LibreOffice.

Warning Icon

Java classes that are accessed through the classpath do not undergo a security check.

Add Archive

Select an archive file in jar or zip format and add the file to the class path.

Add Folder

கோப்புறையைத் தேர்வதோடு கோப்புறையை வகுப்புப் பாதையில் சேர்க்கவும்.


Select an archive or a folder in the list and click Remove to remove the object from the class path.

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