Inserting Hyperlinks

You can insert hyperlinks in two ways: as text or as a button. In both cases, the visible text can be different from the URL.

Place the text cursor in the document at the point where you want to insert the hyperlink or select the text that you want to put the hyperlink on. Select Hyperlink command from the Insert menu. Alternatively click on the Icon Hyperlink icon on the Standard toolbar. The Hyperlink dialog appears.

Tip Icon

Hyperlinks can also be inserted by drag-and-drop from the Navigator. Hyperlinks can refer to references, headings, graphics, tables, objects, directories or bookmarks.

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If you wish to insert in a text a hyperlink that refers to Table 1, drag the entry Table 1 from the Navigator and drop it in the text. To do this, the Insert as Hyperlink drag mode must be selected in the Navigator.

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