Image Filter

This icon on the Image bar opens the Image Filter bar, where you can use various filters on the selected picture.

Icon Filter



Inverts the color values of a color image, or the brightness values of a grayscale image. Apply the filter again to revert the effect.

Icon Invert



Softens or blurs the image by applying a low pass filter.

Icon Smooth



Sharpens the image by applying a high pass filter.

Icon Sharpen


சத்தத்தை அகற்று

Removes noise by applying a median filter.

Icon Remove Noise

Remove Noise

சூரிய ஒளியாக்கம்

Opens a dialog for defining solarization. Solarization refers to an effect that looks like what can happen when there is too much light during photo development. The colors become partly inverted.

Icon Solarization



Specifies the degree and type of solarization.

Threshold Value

Specifies the degree of brightness, in percent, above which the pixels are to be solarized.


அனைத்துப் படப்புள்ளிகளையும் புரட்வும் கூட குறிப்பிடுகிறது.


All pixels are set to their gray values, and then the green and blue color channels are reduced by the amount you specify. The red color channel is not changed.

Icon Aging


Aging Degree

Defines the intensity of aging, in percent. At 0% you see the gray values of all pixels. At 100% only the red color channel remains.

சுவரிதழ் ஆக்கு

Opens a dialog to determine the number of poster colors. This effect is based on the reduction of the number of colors. It makes photos look like paintings.

Icon Posterize


Poster Colors

குறைக்கப்படவிருக்கும் பிம்பத்திற்கான நிறங்களின் எண்ணிக்கையைக் குறிப்பிடுகிறது.

பாப் சித்திரம்

Converts an image to a pop-art format.

Icon Pop Art

Pop Art

கரித்துண்டுச் சித்திரம்

Displays the image as a charcoal sketch. The contours of the image are drawn in black, and the original colors are suppressed.

Icon Charcoal Sketch

Charcoal Sketch


Displays a dialog for creating reliefs. You can choose the position of the imaginary light source that determines the type of shadow created, and how the graphic image looks in relief.

Icon Relief


Light Source

Specifies the light source position. A dot represents the light source.


Joins small groups of pixels into rectangular areas of the same color. The larger the individual rectangles are, the fewer details the graphic image has.

Icon Mosaic


Element resolution

Determines the number of pixels to be joined into rectangles.


தனிப்பட்ட ஓடுகளின் அகலத்தை வரையறுக்கிறது.


தனிப்பட்ட ஓடுகளின் உயரத்தை வரையறுக்கிறது.

Enhance edges

பொருளின் விளிம்பை செழுமையாக்கவோ கூர்மையாக்கவோ செய்கிறது.

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