Insert a watermark text in the current page style background.

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Från menylisten:

Choose Format - Watermark.

Från gränssnittet med flikar:

Choose Layout - Watermark.

On the Layout menu of the Layout tab, choose Watermark.

Från verktygslisterna:

Icon Watermark


A watermark is an identifying image or pattern in paper that appears as various shades of brightness when viewed by transmitted light. Watermarks were originally created directly during paper manufacturing to discourage counterfeiting of documents, currency bills, stamps and more.

Use watermarks in LibreOffice Writer to simulate a paper watermark on the document pages.

Fill the dialog settings below.


The values entered applies to the actual page style.

Watermark Dialog


Enter the watermark text to be displayed as image in the page background.


Select the font from the list.


You cannot choose font size or font style for the watermark text. The text size will be scaled to fit in one line in the page background.


Select the rotation angle for the watermark. The text will be rotated by this angle in counterclockwise direction.


Select the transparency level for the watermark. A 0% value produces an opaque watermark and a value of 100% is totally transparent (invisible).


Select a color from the drop-down box.

To change a watermark contents or setting.

If the watermark in use is a text inserted by the Format - Watermark menu command or by the document classification settings, you can edit the contents and settings on opening the watermark dialog.

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